AniMen: Triton Force (2010)

Kineski CGI animirani film redatelja Kerra Xu-a koji je bio 7 godina u fazi produkcije. “AniMen” je inače prvi Kineski CGI crtić napravlje u sveprisrunoj i popularnoj 3D tehnici.  Iza filam stoji Xu-ov studio Shanghai Hippo Animation Design, a budžet filma je iznosio 10 milijuna $. Redatelj ovaj film opisuje kao Star Wars meets the Ninja Turtles koji u8jednso spaja Američku kulturu i Kineske elemente kao što su Kineska opera i kung fu stil akcije. Film je nedvano imao svoju Kinesku premijeru, a tijekom ove godine trebao bi izači i na američkom tržištu.



Centuries of unchecked industrialization has left the planet Earth unsuitable for supporting human life. Rather than trying to restore the ravaged planet, humanity learned to embrace its changing environment. Through genetic manipulation people were able to adapt to the harsh conditions their ancestors created. At the same time, brave explorers ventured far beyond the galaxy; in search of resources, living space, and adventure.These men and women carried with them data crystals containing human technology, relics of Humanity’s Golden Age; and some were able to find planets to start new lives while others were lost to the void. One such expedition stumbled upon a planet, its surface covered with wetlands and thick vegetation. This marsh covered planet with a tropical climate came to be called Swampland. Over time, the people residing on Swampland began to take on new forms, their modified DNA altering their physiology to better suit their new environment. Generations passed and their original forms were forgotten; these humans had evolved into a new race: the Frogmen.If history (and genetics for that matter) shows us anything, it is that there is always variety.The genetic “success” of the Frogmen was also mirrored by the “achievements” of another group of human descent: the Cockroaches, otherwise known as the T-zhu Alliance. The brutal T-zhu poured out into the galaxy seeking new territories, resources, and the data crystals left by the original human explorers. The T-zhu’s material driven hunger broke the peaceful lives of the Frogmen forcing them to take up arms in order to stop the T-zhu’s insatiable ambitions. So began the MALO war…



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