The Hunters (2011)

Horror triler redatelja i glumca debitanta Chrisa Brianta, nastao u koprodukciji Francuske, Belgije i Luksemburga, ali na engleskom jeziku. Uz već spomenutog Brianta koji igra jednu od uloga, u filmu još nastupaju i Tony Becker, Dianna Agron, Terence Knox i Jay Brown. Film je do sada već bio prikazan u Francuskoj na Gerardmer International Fantasy Film Festivalu 30. siječnja 2011. A američka DVD premijera je zakazan za 27. prosinca 2011.

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Christmas. It’s their last week. The countdown has begun…
For these five friends, who could be ourselves, dead-end lives with no future in the relentless city. Their only chance for relief; the native reserve, where on weekends life takes on meaning again.
… For Le Saint, a born soldier, who is now a dependable bureaucrat in a police station following severe wounding in Afghanistan, and who has been assigned a last-chance mission.
… For Alice, whom he met this week: unforgettable eyes and a communicative love of life. Hope is reborn.
But it’s already the last day, and they have met by chance in the nature reserve.
But this is not really a nature reserve.
It’s an old fort, eaten away by vermin and overrung with vegitation.
And this is not a forest.
Under the trees, there are moats that cannot be crossed and gaping faes.
And the five friends no longer resemble us.
Le Saint and Alice have just discovered the unmentionable. But it’s too late…
Reality, daily life and everything we thought to be true collapses in an instant, revealing: pure nightmare!



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