Sennentuntschi: Curse of the Alps (2010)

Švicarski misteriozni horror triler redatelja i ko-scenarista Michaela Steinera. Film je snimljen još 2008. godine, a u Švicarskoj je premijerno prikazan 23. rujna 2010. godine, a tek ove godine, točnije  u kolovozu 2011. će biti prikazan u Velikoj Britaniji, na The Film4 FrightFestu. Trailer izgleda izvrsno, pa se nadam da će film do kraja godine izaći i na nekom English friendly DVD/Blu Ray-u.


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1975, Swiss Alps: In a remote mountain village emerges seemingly out of nowhere a woman of breathtaking beauty. Only the village policeman Reusch takes the residents to unconditionally and trying to figure out who is the silent woman. There are condensed notes that the woman comes from the Höhenalp where dairymen do much in her loneliness and unimaginable to get female companionship. It comes to light what should have stayed hidden. A tragedy of lust, madness and murder pours over a seemingly ideal world. It is the beginning of a nightmare of madness superficial piety, hypocrisy, abuse and belief in demons, the tears, the dreams of two lovers and an entire village into the abyss and people can lose far more than their
Believe in what the world holds together in its innermost. Any truth in this world is ambiguous, each event has its terrible reflection. “Sennentuntschi” is a film like an avalanche: intoxicating, brutal, irresistible.


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