King Naresuan 4 (2011)

Prije par mjeseci sam najavio Tajlandski povijesni spektakl King Naresuan III, i tada sam spomenuo kako se priča i o mogućem četvrtom nastavku. E pa znate što, evo i tog četvrtog filma! Opet je riječ o visokobudžetnom epskom povijesnom blockbusteru raskošnih kostima i setova kojeg je opet režirao Chatrichalerm Yukol, čovjek koji je režirao spomenutu trojku, kao i prva dva filma, King Naresuan iz 2006., i The Legend of Naresuan: Declaration in Independence iz 2007. Budžet filma je u ovom slučaju nepoznat, ali je za očekivati da je riječ o velikoj cifri, kao i u slučaju sa prva tri filma, što se u ostalom može zaključiti iz trailera. Inače, valja spomenuti kako su prva dva naslova izašla na DVD-u i Blu Rayu sa engleskim titlovima, treći se tek očekuje, a ovaj četvrti film, te ujedno i zadnji film u serijalu, će biti prikazan na Tajlandu 11. kolovoza 2011. A tijekom 2012. će vjerojatno izaći na DVD-u ili Blu Rayu sa engleskim titlovima.

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After the independence of the Nares in the year 2127 God’s personal library in Bago, please return to athletics, the army attacked the city of Ayudhya is up to 4 times in one battle and the prince’s place. Lord Chiang Meng So his total by the year 2127 – 2128 Department of Bush’s war in the year 2129 he was any king in the year 2133 and the war in the year 2135 by Iuthheete battle. Thailand is the crisis faced by the random loss of land is vulnerable to the Department of Bush’s war, which few people have heard of or remember. But the bravery of King Naresuan the Great is remembered. The issue of Myanmar was stripped of the camp is the camp of the King แsgdab period. Murder or robbery as a moose. The major side Bago. Department of Bush’s war, all patients in total.

Legend of King Naresuan Movie Part 4 “War Department during Bush’s” story as a result of defeat in this battle Bago prince and his beautiful Sim City. Lord of the Forest Department, which makes people aware of the perception of King Naresuan. Ayutthaya and the strength of the armed forces. His Majesty the King’s army is an army invading the capital of Siam. Rabepenhngaklag hope for revenge and to maintain the honor, which is not to belittle them but to the dominion of the rule of Burma.

Army of God, king of Bago Forest Department personnel have more integrity than all his formidable. Consists of 12,000 elephants, 3200 horses and proletarian army infantry, amounting to 252,000 troops by Mr. Wise, who can join the battle. King Monkey King and equipment necessary to cover road and steal sensitive military’s courage.

The great reputation of the formidable army that carried out this Bago. The ruler on the edge of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya, the northern Kanฑsima dread afraid to deviate from the conspiracy and apply God’s healing Bush’s library during the Battle of King Naresuan. As a result, King Naresuan and his face off and fighting in Back to the oppression, the more critical. When the Suphan Thammathirat Royal. His brother’s in the neighborhood, which is contrary to the will of King Naresuan previously To encourage his brother to cut relations with Ayutthaya. Neighborhood became Hakkgagแcre. Thailand ready to aggravate the disastrous strikes again with a slip in his personal library with this record.

Threat to King Naresuan was tightening around his face, alone. A chance to double over on the war, such as Le sighted companion and Kang City forces. The battle, which was exposed to the initial publication of the withdrawal. The love between a poisonous battle ended with the split between warlords Manu Le sighted with his partner heart. Because of personal conflicts escalate into a disaster of the earth at a time when Thailand is facing a tight battle. It is estimated that the war was under a degree of sense of God’s personal library.

Beset with several limitations. Combined with the number of hosts that are behind Bago in the hole King Naresuan and his army have to adjust your strategy to Bago. He used to Ayutthaya, which is located at the edge, but only as a combat commander. The power to put the fortifications. Orientation to prevent Burma’s land near the edge of the city wall and city partners. I’m also a guerrilla raid the enemy camp, bravely

The battle over the Tigers beat the crowd. Peer review, taking into account the lack of unity Cidcd personal and partisan Commander in chief ผogragg throne, and the survival of the earth, they slip. Professor to the battlefield. Most major military campaign in Sri men were warlords over the captivity. The fate of King Naresuan of Ayutthaya and the others do. Track in the movie The Legend of King Naresuan Part 4, “Bush’s library during the war,” which will be released simultaneously to all cinemas around the country this August 11.


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