The Entitled (2011)

Kanadski triler redatelja Aarona Woodleya otmičarske tematike. Radi se o niskobudžetnom filmu nezavisne produkcije čiji budžet je iznosio svega 4 500 000$. Jednu od glavnih uloga igra Ray Liotta, a društvo mu pravi još nekoliko poznatih lica kao što su Stephen McHattie, Victor Garber, Kevin Zegers, i Laura Vandervoort. Film bi u Kanadi trebao izaći direktno na DVD i Blu Ray 6. rujna 2011.


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Paul Dynan (KEVIN ZEGERS) is a decent, intelligent young man of 24. He is also part of a generation of young people who have worked hard and graduated college with high hopes – only to find that in today’s economy, the certainties of the past are gone. Without the job he wants or future he dreamed of, Paul plans the perfect crime to redress the balance. He will extort a fortune from three wealthy men (RAY LIOTTA, VICTOR GARBER, STEPHEN MCHATTIE)—lifelong friends, who typify a class of society that made their millions when the going was good—by abducting their perfect Ivy League children (LAURA VANDERVOORT, DUSTIN MILLIGAN, JOHN BREGAR).
Over the course of one long, dark night, Paul holds the rich kids hostage awaiting the three million dollar ransom with little idea of the secret antagonisms that are bubbling poisonously to the surface between the fathers when they are forced to choose between their blood and their money. Paul is aided by two nihilistic youths (DEVON BOSTICK, TATIANA MASLANY) whom he has drawn into his cunning web with the lure of destruction and infamy.


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