Avanturistički film

Case départ (2011)

Francuska komedija redatelja Lionela Steketeea. Radnja filma pomalo podsjeća na jedan drugi, poznati francuski film, Les visiteurs iz 1993. godine, sa Jean Reno-om u jednoj od glavnih uloga. Naime, radnja ovog naslova govori o dvoje polu-braće koji igrom slučaja završe u prošlosti, kao robovi. Film je premijerno prikazan u Francuskoj 6. srpnja 2011., a kad bi se trebao pojaviti na nekom od engleskih govornih područja, još je nepoznato.


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Half-brothers, Joel and Regis have in common only their father they barely know.
Joel is unemployed and not really smart. France, “racist country,” he says, is the cause of all his failures and being black is the excuse for continuing it has found not to find work or pay his bus fare.
Regis is on his side fully integrated. So much so, that totally denies his black half and does not support that refers to its origins. Immigration and crime go hand in hand if we are to believe his words.
Claimed at the bedside of their dying father in the Caribbean, they receive any inheritance in the act of emancipation that made freedom to their slave ancestors, a document that is passed from generation to generation.
Making little account of the symbolic richness of this paper, they tear.
Determined to punish them for the gesture they have made, a mysterious old aunt who was watching them since their arrival in the Caribbean decided to let them back in time, in the midst of slavery! Parachuted in 1780, they will be sold at the market as slaves. The brothers will then have to unite, not only to escape from the plantation but also to find a way to return home the next century.



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