Tarung: City of Darkness (2011)

Dok čekamo da izađe Indonezijski borilački akcić The Raid, evo jednog drugog Indonezijskog borilačkog akcijskog film, Tarung: City of Darkness redatelja Nayato Fio Nuala. Ako je suditi prema viđenome u tzrailerima, očekuje nas jedna nabrijan, žestok i brutalan borilački film. Indonezijska premijera je zakazana za 15. rujna 2011.

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The film tells the story of true friendship of four young men, in the face of the rigors of life, problems and challenges of which they live. They are; Reno, Choky, David, and Galang. They all grew up from childhood in the Mother of Honor orphanage, watched over by their guardian Mrs. Lastri. Reno, just released from prison, for murdering thugs, is attacked by a mysterious group of people intent on killing him. David is sure they are old enemies who’ve held a grudge against Reno for a long time. Meanwhile, Galang romantically involved with Astrid, sexy dancer who sidelines as a prostitute at nightspots has to deal with the pimps who control Astrid. Coky on the other hand, is involved in the drug business with a syndicate of international narcotics traffickers. Because of indiscipline, Coky must face the wrath syndicate boss but needs to keep his job, to secretly embezzle the money belongs to the syndicate, to fund the needs of the orphanage. When it finally becomes became clear who is behind attacks on Reno – David, Galang and Coky must act, and a bloody fight ensues.



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