L’ultimo terrestre (2011)

Talijanska SF drama redatelja i scenarista Giana Alfonsoa Pacinottia. Riječ je o niskobudžetnom filmu koji je koštao svega 2 milijuna 300 tisuća €. Premijerno će biti prikazan 8. rujna na Venice Film Festivalu, a samo dan kasnije, 9 rujna kreće u redovnu kino distribuciju diljem Italije.


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The story unfolds during the week prior to the arrival of aliens on the Earth. An arrival announced by the world’s governments. Late fringe news which doesn’t interest anyone. On arrival the aliens find a nation which is tired and disillusioned, steeped in economic crisis. The reaction caused by the arrival of these extra-terrestrials ranges from racism to bizarre mystic-religious interpretations. This is the setting which hosts the story. The film, however, is not about the population. It follows the life of Luca Bertacci; a man with huge relational problems. After being abandoned by his mother when he was very young, he grew up hating women. Diffident, but above all, devoid of emotions. The presence of the extra-terrestrials changes everything. The arrival of these aliens is so like the “final judgement” and yet, by the end of the film it’s almost impossible not to believe that they came to Earth just for him. Like a gift.



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