A Man Called God aka The Man Almighty aka The Divine Hero (2010) – TV serija

Korejska akcijsko dramska TV serija redatelja Hyeong-seon Lee-a. Za sada je snimljena jedna sezona koja ima sveukupno 24 epizode, svaka u trajanju od po 60 minuta. Serija je u cijelosti već prikazan na jednoj od Korejskih televizija još prošle godine, i u među vremenu je već izašla na DVD-u sa engleskim titlom.

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Choi Kang-ta is a super agent with a feared reputation. He lost his parents and was adopted by Americans. After becoming an adult, he returns to Korea to avenge his father’s wrongful death.He learns that there were four people involved in the killing of his father. In the midst of carrying out his revenge, his partner, Vivian betrays him, putting his life in danger. However, he is nursed back to health by Bo-bae, a woman he met by coincidence. After recovering from his wounds he settles down in a slum neighborhood where he befriends the poor people there. For the first time in his life, he is surrounded by warmth and love in his new surroundings. But Hwang Woo-hyun, a high-ranking official at the Korean Central Intelligence Agency and heir to the Hwanglim Group empire, becomes enraged with jealousy that Choi Kang-ta stole Bo-bae away from him and decides to have him eliminated. Will Choi Kang-tae be able to avenge his father’s death? And will Bo-bae choose Choi Kang-ta over Woo-hyun?



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