Бой с тенью 3D aka Shadow Boxing 3D (2011)

Ruski akcijski triler sa elementima sportskog (boksačkog) film redatelja i scenarista Alekseia Sidorova. Radi se o trećem nastavku iz istoimenoga serijala. Prvi film, Shadow Boxing kojeg je također napisao i režirao Sidorov je izašao 2005., a drugi, Shadow Boxing 2: Revenge kojeg je Sidorov potpisao samo kao scenarist je izašao 2007. Ovaj nastavak bi svoju premijeru trebao imati naredne godine, točnije 5. travnja 2012., te će kao što i sam naslov to sugerira, biti prikazan u 3D tehnici.


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By accident four years a go Artem Kolchin has finished his professional career, he still lives with Vika, they have a daughter growing up. But Artem didn’t leave sport, and began to train young but very promising boxer. After persistent training ward Kolchin be slain in Mexico with a local champion. Artem Kolchin has achieved everything a guy can dream of the suburbs. He is the absolute world champion, businessman, TV star. But his entire career collapses due to a single phone call by nemesis Vagit Valiev. Artem’s supposed to go to Hong Kong to win, he will come back to the ring. In this unequal battle Kolchin gets seriously injured, after which will never be able to enter the ring. As a result of its own investigation Kolchin finds out that a Mexican boxer is grown with technology and genetic engineering, by definition, is unbeatable.



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