Blue Moon Down (2011)

Austrijska akcijska parodija redatelja i ko-scenarista Floa Lacknera. Radi se o niskobudžetnom, politički nekorektnom filmu koji je snimljen sa budžetom od svega 30 000€ . Austrijska premijera bi se trebala održati do kraja 2011., ali točan datum je još nepoznat.


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A shabby cabin surrounded by vast green fields in the middle of nowhere. Michael Mc Connors special unit, Major George Conrad has come to bring HIM safely to a secret meeting place. Conrad is a chauvinistic veteran of the worst kind, a dangerours alpha dog, an obsessed patriot, who stops at nothing for his fatherland. You definitely do not want to cross him. That is exactly why the former president of the United States of America needs him to execute a top secet job: The survival of mankind is at stake. The global balance of economic resources is threatening to fall apart. World War III is around the corner.

Because the merciless major cannot complete his mission on his own, he recruits three men from his former squad, a manic elite unit equipped with remarkable abilities. Two dubious sheik brothers, who could not be any more different, and the tough Michael McConnor join the team of four.

Which of them has the world’s best interests at heart and who is only after their personal advantage? Is saving humankind really their main concern? Is everyone who they say they are? Could there be an ingenious terrorist attack behind all this? There is definitely more to it than meets the blinking eye.

A dramatic roller-coaster-ride between life and death, glory and failure, love and hate takes its course. Earth is doomed and the moon is the only hope left …



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