Redemption Road aka Black, White, and Blues (2010)

Muzička komična drama inače poznatog glumca Maria Van Peeblesa kojeg možda pamtite iz filmova kao što su SoloHighlander III: The SorcererHeartbreak Ridge ili Gunmen. Ali osim što se već deselječima bavi glumom, čovjek je i redatelj još od kraja 80-ih. Redemption Road je film nezavisne produkcije u kojem je Peebles okupio nekoliko poznatih glumačkih imena kao npr. Michael Clarke DuncanaLuke PerryaToma SkerrittaTaryn Manning, a pojavljuje se i njegov otac Melvin Van Peebles. Film je bio prikazan na nekoliko filmskih festivala kao npr. Nashville Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival itd. Službena limitirana kino premijera u Americi se održala 26. kolovoza 2011.


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Forced to grow up fast, Baily, a troubled blues musician meanders through life. After one of his many drunken nights, a mysterious gentlemen approaches him, revealing that Bailey’s grandfather died and he must travel back to his home town to accept his unclaimed property. The gentleman, Augy, has been hired by a law firm to find and connect Bailey with his rightful belongings. Baily, as with all his struggles in his life, drives Augy out the door, telling him he’s got the wrong guy and seemingly disavowing his good news. The next day after Boyd viciously confronts him on his money owed, he sends Bailey fleeing, and unexpectedly into the passenger seat of Augy’s truck. As Baily and Augy leave town they travel through the deepest parts of the South and the duo makes good use of the rich musical history of the area, by hitting every juke joint in sight, including the blues bar of Augy’s friend, Santa. In the process, Baily puts down the bottle long enough to absorb the wisdom of his new friend. Over the course of their road trip, Bailey’s own story unfolds, and the blues music he has always been connected with. Augy knows more about Baily than he lets on and, with his help, Bailey manages to use the music he has in his soul to take control of his life and set a new path, one that allows him to put his past to rest.
In this musical road trip adventure, by Mario Van Peebles, through the deep history of the blues, two strangers find an uncommon friendship that leads them to redemption.



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