Exile (2011)

Niskobudžetna akcijska avanturistička drama redatelja i ko-scenarista Moea Charifa, bazirana na istinitim događajima. Film je snimljen na lokacijama na Floridi, a kad bi točno trebao izaći za sada još nije poznato. Za očekivati mje da bi se to trebalo dogoditi tijekom 2012.


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Based on true events of Cuban rafters (Balseros), Exile is a heart-wrenching action drama. The exhilarating story of ex-police officer Luis mendez who finds himself torn between 15 years of loyalty to the Cuban government, and the safety and happiness of his family when his eldest son is arrested under suspision for a murder he comitted while trying to flee Cuba on a raft. Now Luis must find a way to rescue his son and get his family off the island and exiled to safety and freedom of the united states. The story details the intense journey of a man forced to abandon most of his values in order to keep his most important one intact: a family free and united. Exile features moments of raw emotional impact, high tension, and pulse quickening action, weaving several strands of story together that culminate in the thrilling and dangerous escape from the island. Exile will lure the viewer into a deep emotional involvement focusing on the common human experience; a son’s hope for his father’s affection, a father’s love for his family, a family’s hope for happiness, and the desire for a better life.




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