Wrath of the Crows (2012)

Talijanski niskobudžetni misteriozni horor triler od ko-producenta, ko-scenarista i redatelja, Ivana Zuccona. Budžet filma iznosi 500 tisuća eura. U filmu glume: Debbie RochonTara CardinalTiffany ShepisDomiziano Arcangeli i Suzi Lorraine. Premijera filma  bi se trebala dogoditi tokom ove godine, ali datum nije poznat.



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In a dirty and narrow jail, Larry, Deborah, Hugo, Hernest and Liza, the prisoners, are obliged to suffer injustices from the guards and from their chief, the officer.
Yet above all of them there is the Judge. Nobody ever saw him, but he is the one that sets the rules and he’s feared from inmates and guards too.
Suddenly, a new prisoner makes its out from nothing-like appearance: PRINCESS.
She is a beautiful lady, dressed only in a crow feathers coat, shining, sweet-smelling, sensual.
Her show-up causes curiosity in the others inmates, but also envy, suspects and a deep sexual agitation.
In a very short time Princess reveals her dark and supernatural nature: she can move objects with the power of her mind and she is extremely strong….





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