Good for Nothing (2011)

Novozelandski “kiwi” spaghetti western redatelja i scenarista Mikea Wallisa o odmetniku i ženi koju otme a s kojom se s vremenom zbliži. Film je premijerno prikazan u americi još prošle godine 29. siječnja 2011. na Santa Barbara Film Festivalu. Novozelandska premijera je zakazana za 03. svibnja 2012.



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Good for Nothing is an entertaining and ironic look into the emotional confusion of an outlaw who reluctantly develops strong feelings for a woman he has kidnapped. These feelings are revealed when ‘The Man’ tries to force himself on the young and beautiful Isabella Montgomery but finds himself unable to ‘get it up’ due to a surprising bout of performance anxiety. Unable to understand the reason for his erectile dysfunction The Man goes on a quest to find a solution for his problem with the kidnapped Isabella in tow. First seeing a European doctor then a Chinese Medicine Man and finally a Native American Medicine Man – trying to fix his problem and finally having his way with Isabella. The pair are pursued by an unpredictable Posse who are set on killing both the outlaw and Isabella who they have mistaken for a whore and accomplice to the outlaw.

Adventure, drama and comedy ensue when this unlikely duo are forced to help each other survive in this unique film which is the first classic Western feature made in New Zealand.




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