Last Stop (2011)

Američki niskobudžetni znastveno fantastični horor triler od scenariste i redatelja,  Travisa Oatesa, kojem je ovo redateljski debi. Jedan od producenata je Zack Ward, koji glumi jednu od glavnih uloga u filmu, a osim njega, tu su, Mena SuvariRobert PicardoBrian Austin Green i Joanne Kelly. Datum premijere još nije poznat.


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Movie follows ten friends on a trip up into the mountains of New Mexico. The Mountainbrook Resort is off the beaten path, and so far from civilization that it takes almost a full tank of gas to get there. The resort’s gas station is the only way to refuel for a return trip. However, when they get there, they find the place deserted, and the key to the gas pumps missing. Without the key, there’s no power to the pumps. With no gas, there’s no exit. They search the cabins. They find signs of habitation. In one case, breakfast sits out on the table, now cold, uneaten. There are cars with their doors wide open, showers still on, and even a stove still running…but no people… Actually, no…anything. They realize that they see no animals, hear no birds, no insects…something has swept them all away…but there is no blood, no signs of struggle or of panic. Then one by one, they start disappearing. There is no warning, no sound, no shadow of impending doom…one minute they are there, the next minute they are gone.




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