The Big I Am (2010)

Britanska kriminalistička triler drama od redatelja, Nica Auerbacha. Budžet filma iznosi 3 milijuna eura, a u filmu glume nekoliko poznatih faca: Michael MadsenVincent Regan, Steven BerkoffBeatrice RosenLeo GregoryPhilip DavisRobert StonePaul KayeTerry StoneBronagh Gallagher i Doug Ballard. Kino premijera je održana 8. travnja 2010. u Britaniji, a na DVD-u je izašao 2. lipnja 2010, dok je na BluRay izašao 6. veljače 2012.



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A cruel twist of fate catapults small time crook Mickey Skinner into the big league, as head of a brutal London gang poised on the brink of a lucrative human-trafficking deal

Small time crook Mickey Skinner (Leo Gregory) is unwittingly catapulted into the big league, when he steals a getaway car with mobster Don Barber (Vincent Regan) locked in the trunk, saving him from getting killed by his rival. After taking revenge, Barber is soon arrested and thrown in jail. Recruited as his protégé, Skinner is entrusted to find out who set him up (Michael Madsen) and pull off a lucrative human-trafficking deal. He has a ticket to ride on easy street, but his conscience and falling in love with Barber’s girlfriend (Beatrice Rosen) get in the way.

Mickey Skinner (Leo Gregory, CASS) is a small time crook with little success and a lot of debts. While out on yet another doomed, petty crime, he makes a lucky escape by stealing a car. The only problem is that Don Barber (Vincent Regan, 300), psychopathic head of the London underworld, is stuffed inside the boot. Ratted out by one of his closest confidants and facing arrest, Barber does the unthinkable and gives Mickey the keys to his empire for the next 24 hours.
With all cards stacked against him Skinner embarks on the mammoth task of filling Barbers shoes… Has he got it in him to give it THE BIG I AM?




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