League of Monster Slayers (2013)

Kanadski nezavisni fantasy horor od scenariste i redatelja, Aarona Woodleya, inače redatelja filma The Entitled, kojeg ste nedavno imali prilike gledati. Izvršni producent na filmu je slavni David Cronenberg, koji mu je inače i stric. Datum premijere još nije poznat, jer je film tek u razvoju, ali za očekivati je da bi to moglo biti 2013.

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Orphaned twin siblings LILLY (10) and SEBASTIAN (10), live at their wealthy uncle – MR. BLACKBURN’s estate. The castle-like house is run by the cold and stern cook, MRS. KIND (60), the odd groundskeeper SAMUEL (50’s), and mysterious, mute maid CAMILLE (60s). The orphans are alone, all their previous nannies have quit, exhausted by the children’s overactive imaginations, discounting their wild stories that the house is haunted and that monsters are lurking. Everything changes with the arrival of their new nanny, MADELINE THATCHER (29), a prim and proper sort who occupies them with intense schooling each day. But Madeline is more than she at first appears. In fact, the children quickly discover that their new nanny has trained in the dark arts since her father was killed by a werewolf when she was just 10. With vengeance she hunted the werewolf down and killed it with a silver bullet. Part detective, part warrior, Madeline is on business – undercover. Someone is up to no good at this house and she’s there to put an end to it. The children agree to keep Madeline’s identity under wraps, on the condition that she teaches them everything she knows about fighting monsters. They name their newly formed alliance the “League of Monster Slayers” (L.M.S. being an acronym for Lilly, Madeline, Sebastian), and begin to uncover the dreaded secrets of the grand estate by doing battle with an onslaught of monsters and confronting an evil ghost constructing a portal to hell.


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