Gamers aka Геймеры (2012) – TV serija

Ruska akcijska SF TV serija redatelja Mikhaila Shevchuka. Serija je bazirana na Ruskom filmskom serijalu koji sačinjavaju dva naslova, Hooked on the Game iz 2009., te Hooked on the Game 2. The Next Level iz 2010. Oba filma govore o mladim gamerima koji i nakon igranja jedne igre svoje igrače sposobnosti prenesu u stvarni svijet, te tako neki od njih postanu najbolji borci, strijelci ili vozači. To naravno ne prođe neopaženo od strane vlasti, pa im oni uz prisilu i ucjenu ponude “posao”. Premijera serije na nekom od Ruskih TV kanala se održala 12. ožujka 2012.


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The virtual world attracts. It is brighter and more interesting gray reality. They are allowed to do what in reality is not available, and most importantly – you can always survive and start over. Every day, millions of gamers capture the medieval castles at war with alien tribes, winning championships in football, chase on the supercars, built the city and destroy universes. For some computer games – a hobby, for others – a profession. But what if life and the game is so tightly intertwined that it is impossible to separate them from each other? The only way out – to continue to play by new rules, because the chance to come back to reality appears only when you will pass before the end of the game … senior mysterious forces are needed for the perfect cyber-soldiers to execute their plans. From the old team is ready to take up the cause of just Doc. He survived, he wants revenge and is ready for anything. Doc gaining newcomers to replace the old unit, but soon even his “masters” it becomes clear that the situation gets out of control. The only way to stop the Dock – to collect the remains of the old team. But this task is impossible: The Vampire and Rita in prison, and Jan and Komar on the run … The Adventure “gamers” evolving with the dynamics of computer action games: each character has their own tasks, each act – its prehistory. Replacing each other, spun into a tailspin real and fantasy situations. Conflicts escalate to the limit, and the characters will not stop at nothing. Some of them – in the name of death and victory, the other – in the name of life, love and happiness is still possible .




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