Broken Kingdom (2010)

Nezavisna niskobudžetna drama redatelja i scenarista Daniela Gilliesa koja se sastoji od dvije zasebne, nepovezane priče koje se protežu od sirotinjskih četvrti Bogote do obronaka Hollywooda. Budžet filma iznosi svega 4,5 milijuna $, a u nekim od glavnih uloga se pojavljuju Rachael Leigh CookDaniel GilliesKandyse McClure i Seymour Cassel. Film je navodno premijerno prikazan 2011. u Berlinu.



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Four narratives weave their way through the tragic slums of Bogota to the lofty hills of Hollywood. A 14-year-old prostitute girl and an ill-fated, eccentric American writer forge a strange companionship. A Colombian university student invites a terrible danger into her world in the name of financial solace, while a day-care teacher in Los Angeles does everything she can to fight the weight of a tragic secret.


American writer Jason Hollister has withdrawn to the shadows of Bogotá, Colombia. When Jason rescues a teenage prostitute after a violent attack, a strange relationship blooms between them. The young girl, Serafina, ignites Jason’s all-but-extinct desire to write. In turn, Jason negotiates this peculiar ‘muse’ into his world… Hiring her to be his companion. With her departure from the formidable slums, Serafina is seduced with a poisonous delusion: the opportunity of a different life. A deep yearning is unlocked as Jason inevitably comes to represent hope and change. This initial harmony is short-lived however, as Jason catapults deeper into a creative cocoon. Employing every strategy of distraction to usurp his attention, Serafina is met only with defiance and anger. The emotional landscape of this unusual friendship soars and plummets as they walk inexorably through their tangled fate.


Marilyn is an enigmatic 28-year-old teacher at a Los Angeles day-care. Her story begins when she accosts and then interrogates the white father (Chris) of an African-American boy (Julian) one day after school. Though the situation is swiftly resolved, it takes an unusual turn. The following day, Chris invites Marilyn on a date. She accepts. As their relationship ensues Marilyn’s peculiar fascination with Julian is enough to disturb Chris. Only towards the end of this tale do we begin to understand the intricacies of her preoccupation and the details of her savage fate.




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