Gangsters, Guns & Zombies (2012)

Britanska niskobudžetna trash horror komedija redatelja i ko-scenarista Matta Mitchella o kako to sam naslov filma kaže, gangsterima, oružju i zombijima! To zasigurno ne može ispasti dobro, barem ne za zombije, zar ne? Ovako na prvu, sudeći isključio na temelju viđenoga u traileru, sve skupa djeluje kao nekakva jeftina trash zajebancija, što naravno nije nužno loša stvar. Budžet filma iznosi oko 6 milijuna £ (iako mi nekako se čini da je netko preuveličao tu brojku, barem ako je suditi po viđenome), a Britanska premijera je zakazana za 01. studeni 2012.

  Gangsters, Guns & Zombies1 Gangsters, Guns & Zombies3 Gangsters, Guns & Zombies2


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Q only really wants the quiet life but sometimes the only way to keep it quiet is to do what TONY tells him to do. Turn up, drive the van, drop the guys off and get a slice of the cake. Simple enough, right?


DANNY gets shot. The safe house is crawling with police. The van runs out of diesel. CRAZY STEVE ruins his shoes. MUSCLES and PAT just try and keep their heads down. Oh, and there’s a zombie apocalypse.

That’s why the guys find themselves holed up in a cottage in the middle of nowhere with a belligerent (but well-armed) GRANDMA and a beautiful but haunted CASSIE for company. Q’S falling in love. TONY’S losing his mind. And the zombies are getting hungry…



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  1. Thanks for watching the trailer guys! The $6 million budget is indeed a mistake I’m afraid (I wish we’d had somewhere [anywhere haha!] near that much).

  2. Thank you 🙂 I’ll tell you what, we just can’t get that $6million thing taken down!? We’ve been emailing and contacting IMDB ever since it went up and they just won’t remove it! I put it in when we were originally submitting the film as a *joke* because they refused to recognise it as being a real film – even though we’d managed to secure world wide distribution.

    Now we can’t get it taken down. It’s literally the worst joke I’ve ever made – and I make some pretty terrible jokes!

  3. haha…bummer…

    But shouldn’t you be able to edit page by your self? I remember when I put my movie on IMDB, later I add some new stuff just by edit page…

  4. Dragonrage you are totally right, we SHOULD be able to edit the page ourselves but that hasn’t worked either! What is the movie you made?


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