Scena Dana

SCENA DANA – Magnum Force (1973)

Prisjećamo se kultnih, legendarnih ili jednostavno zabavnih scena iz jednako tako kultnih, legendarnih i(li) zabavnih filmova koji su ostavili dojam na nas tijekom godina.

Scena Dana_Magnum Force

UPOZORENJE – mogući spoileri!

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  1. Because I could use my knowledge of the Croatian language as a weapon for mass destruction (Your words) because all Croatians who hear or read it will laugh themselves to death and I can’t read your texts all the chocolate and movie within the next package are only for your kids!!!!


    • Hehe I remember saying that…don’t remember the context, but I do remember saying that haha 😀 It was probably some lame joke lol 😀
      Anyway…you don’ really have anything to read here…it just a scene from Magnum Force in Scene of the day column..
      Well…kid will love chocolates…and daddy will probably steal the movies from them hahaha 😀


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